Building Construction Permit (“IMB”) base on Business Licensing Application Through Online Single Submission

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Building Construction Permit (“IMB”)

  1. IMB is issued through OSS with commitment.
    The fulfillment of commitment must be conducted by supplementing:

    • Proof of ownership of rights over land or proof of agreement on the usage of the land;
    • Building owner’s data;
    • Building technical plan which has obtained a technical consideration provided by a Building Expert Team (“TABG”).
      The Urban Planning Information (“KRK”) is electronically provided through OSS.Time period for the fulfillment of IMB commitment is no later than 30 business days after the issuance of IMB, or if the issuance of IMB requires an Amdal to be completed then the time period would be 30 business days after the Amdal was completed.If the technical consideration shows that the technical plan has not fulfilled the requirements available, Pemda will provide OSS with a statement that the IMB must be declared null and void.If the technical consideration shows that the technical plan has fulfilled the requirements, Pemda will provide OSS with a statement that the IMB must be declared effective.
  2. IMB is not required if:
    • The building is located in a special economic zone, industrial area, or free trade zone and free port zone, as long as the area manager has set an estate regulation for the area.
    • It is a a project owned by the government or is a national strategic project, as long as the business entity winning the auction or another business entity that will run the project has been determined.
  1. Certificate of Feasible Function
    1. Business Actor submits the petition for the issuance of SLF to Pemda through OSS with requirements to be fulfilled such as :
      • As-built drawings;
      • Statement from the Supervisor or Construction Management for newly-built building or Technical Reviewer for existing building, that the building has been built according to the IMB and it is feasible functionally;
      • Supporting attachments regarding its feasibility function.
        If based on the result of feasibility function examination the building is declared functionally not-feasible, then the petition for examination of feasibility function will be returned to Business Actor, thus retrofitting must be conducted by the Business Actor before the next submission of the petition.
    2. If the requirements for the issuance of SLF have been declared to be complete, Pemda must notify OSS for the SLF to be issued.
      OSS must issue the SLF no later than 3 business days after the notification was received by Pemda.If the requirements for the issuance of SLF has been declared to be incomplete, Pemda must notify OSS that the SLF cannot be issued.
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