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Registration Procedure of Waqf Land

The Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency issued the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency Regulation No. 2 Year 2017 (“Regulation No. 2/2017”), which stipulates procedures for registering the waqf land. This Regulation No. 2/2017 became effective from 22 February 2017 and revoked (i) Regulation of Minister of Home Affairs No.…
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Electronic Land Information Services

The Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Layout/Head of National Land Agency issued the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of National Land Agency Regulation No 5 Year 2017 concerning Electronic Land Information Services. The land information services can be given electronically through electronic system in the form of land information service application that is provided…
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Restoration of Fulfilment of Intensity Through Delivery of Replacement Land

On 6 April 2017, the Governor of Special Capital Region of Jakarta issued the Governor Regulation No. 41 of 2017 (“Governor Regulation No. 41/2017”). The Governor Regulation No. 41/2017 is issued as the legal basis and guidance for the recovery of spatial function, by restoring the fulfilment of intensity through delivery of replacement land. Replacement…
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Indirect Utilization of Geothermal

Background Geothermal is a source of heat energy contained in the hot water, steam, and rock along with minerals and other gases. In its utilization there is a direct and indirect means way. Direct utilization is an activity without making the conversion from thermal energy and / or fluid into other kinds of energy for…
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Providing of Gas Utility Networks in Buildings

Background To support Jakarta’s blue sky program and to realize energy security in the Provincial Area of DKI Jakarta through energy diversification and also the availability of gas fuel that is effective and efficient, the DKI Jakarta Governor published the Governor Instruction of DKI Jakarta Number 68 Year 2015 regarding the Providing of Gas Utility…
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Real Estate Developers Need to Aware of Copyright Protections of Architectural Works

Architectural works is one of the protected works under Law No. 28 of 2014 on Copyright (“Indonesian Copyright Law”). In the real estate development, real estate developers will often use architects’ service for designing their building, such as shopping malls, offices, apartments, etc. The architectural works include physical forms of building, building layouts, building drawing…
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