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Construction of Low Income Communities Housing

Background On 29 December 2016, the Goverment of Republic Indonesia, has enacted the Government Regulation No. 64 of 2016 on Construction of Low Income Communities Housing (“GR 64/2016”). PP 64/2016 is the implementing regulation on Law Number 1 of 2011 on Housing and Residential Area ("Law 1/2011") and Economic Policy Package XIII on Housing for…
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Real Estate Law – Jurisprudence : Legality Of Land Certificate and Girik Letter

Learning Point: A piece of land which clearly certificated cannot be sold or purchased indifferently using girik letter, but should be based on the land certificate. Certificate of land according to law is authentic and infalliable evidence on its ownership. Girik letter is an evidence to collect the tax. Civil legal dispute between PT Astra International…
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Real Estate Law – Interview on Marcopolis “Foreign Investment in Real Estate”

Our Managing Partner, Eddy Leks was interviewed by Marcopolis on Real Estate Law in Indonesia, specifically on Foreign Investment in Real Estate.

Marcopolis presents Indonesia Report focused on topics such as investments, doing business, economy and regional integration, featuring interviews with Indonesia's leaders.

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The Management of Rainwater on Buildings And Its Land

Background Regulation published by the Minister of Public Works or also renowned as Permen PU No. 11/2014 happens to be the regulation which controls the management of rainwater on buildings and its land. This regulation is the application of the previous laws which are issued in 2002 and about the building. It states that every…
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Upgrading the Right of Use of Land to the Right of Ownership

Article 20 of Act no. 5 year 1960 on Basic Regulations on Agrarian Principles (UUPA) states, “the right of ownership is hereditary right; the strongest and fullest right that a person can have on land with reference to Article 6.” This article is related to Article 6 of UUPA that requires all rights on land…
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